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Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KMB) Solution to Continuing Case, Chapter 10 FREE CASH FLOW FROM BALANCE SHEETS AND INCOME STATEMENTS Method 1 C-I=OI-Change in NOA Operating Income $2,275.1 Net Operating Assets (EB) $ 10,876.0 Net Operating Assets (BB) 11,158.1 282.1 Free cash flow 2,557.2 Method 2: C-I=NFE-Change in NFO+d+MI income- Change in MI in B/S Net financial expense 93.1 Net financial obligations (EB) $ 3,661.6 Net financial obligations (BB) 3,895.3 233.7 Net dividend 2,226.6 Minority interest in income 73.9 Change in minority interest in balance sheet (70.1) Free cash flow 2,557.2
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REFORMULATED CASH FLOW STATEMENT Review the solution to the Continuing Case for Chapter 7. KIMBERLY-CLARK CORPORATION Reformulated Cash Flow Statement: Continuing Operations (in millions of dollars) 2004 Free Cash Flow: Reported cash from operations 2726.2 Net interest paid after tax 101.4 Cash investments reported 495.4 Investment in marketable securities 11.5 Sales of investments (38.0) Net increase in time deposits
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KMBSolution10 - Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KMB) Solution...

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