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Brochure More information from Multinational Financial Management, Study Guide, 6th Edition Description: Integrates economic and political factors underlying exchange rate determination. Uses the balance -of-payments framework to assess economic links among nations. Presents a comprehensive discussion of the foreign exchange market. Discusses the key parity conditions in international finance that relate interest rates, exchange rates, and inflation rates, and the underlying arbitrage considerations that determine them-along with numerous real-world applications. Presents distinctions between real and nominal exchange rates and between accounting and economic exposure and their significance for exchange risk management. Provides a comprehensive discussion of the mechanisms multinational firms use to manage interaffiliate fund flows on a global basis. Presents the underpinnings of financial markets and the implications for international capital flows. Presents specialized financing and risk management techniques. Discusses the assessment of the cost of capital for foreign investments. Discusses the
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multinational_financial_management_study_guide - Brochure...

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