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Lecture 6_fillin version - Lecture 6 The Sulfur and...

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Lecture 6: The Sulfur and Hydrologic cycles The sulfur cycle (S) Like the nitrogen cycle, the sulfur cycle requires ______________ Yet unlike N gas, S-containing gases are highly ___________ and move easily from the atmosphere to other reservoirs o Therefore, S has a _________ residence time in the atmosphere Why is S important? 1. It is Earth’s coolant 2. It is needed for biological molecules (it is one of the “big 6” essential elements required in large amounts for life) Summary of S in reservoirs S in Atmosphere Sea spray, forest fires and dust storms release sulfate gas Volcanoes release hydrogen sulfide (smells like rotten eggs), SO 2 and SO 3 Bacteria release dimethyl sulfide (DMS) and carbonyl sulfide (OCS) *Remember DMS and OCS S in Biosphere Animal and plant proteins and fossil fuels S in Lithosphere (______ S found here) Sediments and minerals Examples:Pyrite FeS 2 and Gypsum CaSO 4 S in Hydrosphere Dissolved sulfate Acid rain In the atmosphere S reacts with oxygen (is oxidized) to form sulfates. It then reacts with
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