Sports and socialization

Philipwhitep94 the consequences of involvement v

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Unformatted text preview: and physical well­ being? In 1996, the US Surgeon General included only 2 sports in its list of healthy physical activities. – Sport­health connection. – Sport­obesity connection. Sports and regular physical exercise are not the same. Some sports influence people to gain weight. The Consequences of Involvement IV Involvement The greatest benefit is derived from activities that are rhythmic, noncompetitive where individuals control their body movement. Young (1993) has noted that men’s heavy contact professional sports have a higher rate of injury than construction sites, oil drilling rigs, or underground mines. Philip White (p. 94). The Consequences of Involvement V Involvement How do sports affect our lives? 3 studies: 1. Morality and sports. 2. Locker room lessons. Stevenson found Christian athletes underwent role conflict. Theberge found that female ice hockey players were professional in terms of play, but bonded with each other in the dressing room. Woog found gay males were cautious in coming out, particularly in team sports. 3. Gay male athletes. The Consequences of Involvement VI Involvement Living in sports. 3 studies. 1. Learning to be a...
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