Motivation and Emotion

Motivation and Emotion - -drive reduction theory organism...

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Motivation and Emotion - motivation : a need or desire that energizes or directs behavior >instinct/ evolution theory >drive reduction theory >arousal theory >hierarchy of needs -instinct: a complex behavior that is reigidly patterned throughout a species and is unlearned ex: imprinting >instincts are very important but by themselves they don’t account for too much human behavior @motivation involves nature(genetic influence) and or nurture(learned wants) and environmental triggers NATURE AND NURTURE
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Unformatted text preview: -drive reduction theory: organism naturally attempt to maintain balanced internal states (homeostasis) when hot your body sweats <--when a system gets out of balanced “motivated” to get it back into balance hungry -> eat-drive state when body out of balance-arousal theory: everyone is different in the degree of arousal they find pleasant/ drive them to reduce or increase/ motivated to act in motivated arousal how it arouses sympathetic nervous system EMOTIONS:::::::::::...
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