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nutritionreview - 4.false only approve health claims not...

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Review slides Nutrition -bring calc chap 1 1.true 2.know undernutrion and over nutrition; overnutrition=obese 3.epidemiloical studies(chart in book on str of studies) 4.epidemiloical study >cohort-study pop over time 5.valid sources of nutrition info = Govt agenies, FDA, CDC, Worl health orgo. Pg 31 ex of not good: magazines 6.randomized double blind=subjects picked randomly the experimentor and subjects don’t know if in control or experimental (slide #2) 1.primary=not getting enough of nutrient in diet secondary= some kind of disease or disorder eg alcoholism 2.anthroprometric,biochemical,clinical,dietary (basic idea) 3.fats, carbs, protein, vitamins, minerals >know the kcal per thang eg 4=1g protein >which provide energy >organic or inorganic 4.cohort= PRAC PROBLEM: 1500x.30=450kcal from fat divide by 9 for gs=50gs fat Chap 2 1.5 prinipals of balanced diet, moderation,balance,variety,calorie control, adaquecy 2.low nutrient high energy dense option 3.true desending order
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Unformatted text preview: 4.false only approve health claims not structure functions 5. EER-estimated energy requirement, lifestyle factors macro nutrient distrobution ranges carbs 45-65 pro etc. FILL IN!!!! 6.98% and EAR cover 50% (adequate intake know) 7.DV% greater than or equal to LOOK UP how lil or how mch ur eating 8.know the recommended servings for MyPryamid 9.fruit=vitamin A vitamin C veggies=magnesium folate know grain groups usually enriched with folate 10.avg nutrient based on energy needs (key recom.) chap 3 1.true starts digesting carbs first 2.lomin 3.presence of acidic chyme=CCK and secratin >where hormone secreted? BLOOD!!! 4.False stored in gallbladder 5.vitamin b6, b12,viotin, and vitamin k 6. 7.epoglodis 8.bicarbonate is released by CCK and secratin 9.CCK;bial 10.villi are fingerlike the microhair like are microvilli 11.false by the lympatheic 12.which requires energy? active transport (GONNE BE GIVEN FOOD LABEL W/ QUESTIONS OFF THAT)...
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nutritionreview - 4.false only approve health claims not...

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