Technical Description of Plasma TVs

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Adam Shick Page 1 DIVING INTO A PLASMA TELEVISION Plasma televisions incorporate the newest television technology. Plasma TV's make an image from a xenon and neon gas filled chamber. When turned on millions of electrically charged atoms and electrons, collide in concert, producing the amazing image on the screen. This new plasma display technology enables plasma TVs to have a bigger picture and increased color accuracy then regular televisions. They also have a better viewing angle with less degradation at high angles unlike LCD televisions. MAJOR PARTS OF A PLASMA TELEVISION Plasma TV's include many different individual parts that help keep it operating at fully optimal visual perfection. How the plasma, pixel cells, and video card work is explained below. The images appear when the plasma is ionized via the voltage difference in the electrodes, which produces a electric current. The current then produces a rapid flow of charged particles which stimulate the gas atoms to release ultraviolet photons which interact with the phosphor producing the image. PLASMA: Emitting the Light that Creates the Image Televisions utilizing plasma to display the images produce more accurate images that have a more vivid look when compared with none plasma televisions. The gas in the plasma televisions is a mixture of xenon, neon, and helium and is stored in between the in cells or ribs(
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Technical Description of Plasma TVs - Adam Shick Page 1...

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