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hw3 - decrypt the message 4(10 points If an RSA user’s...

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CS346 Cryptography, Fall 2010 Homework 3, Due October 12 1. (10 points) Problem 17 (Chapter 6.8) 2. (10 points) Problem 27 (Chapter 6.8) 3. (10 points) Suppose that Oscar intercepts a message encoded with the RSA encryption, but he does not know the private key. Assume that n = p · q is the public modulus, and b is the public exponent. Suppose someone tells Oscar, that one of the plaintext blocks has a common factor with n . Explain how Oscar can use this information to
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Unformatted text preview: decrypt the message. 4. (10 points) If an RSA user’s public key is n = 17 · 43 and b = 29, what is the private exponent a ? Explain what you do and include the partial results of your calculations. HINT: Use the extended Euclidean algorithm. It will only take a few steps, you can do it by hand. EXTRA CREDIT (10 points) Problem 23 (Chapter 6.8)...
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