Skipper Stokes week 1 assignment

Skipper Stokes week 1 assignment - I would love to open my...

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Identify the six major steps of the accounting process and explain each step: 1.) Analyzing- looking, thinking and reevaluating certain events. 2.) Recording- book keeping, financial figures. 3.) Classifying- sorting and grouping into the correct categories 4.) Summarizing- breaking things down into simpler terms. 5.) Reporting- expressing the final results 6.) Interpreting- express into another way, meaning and importance
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Unformatted text preview: I would love to open my own accounting firm. The type of business I would own is a tax firm, I would also love to do personal finances for people or even companies. I would have a sole-proprietorship because I would want to keep my business simple, and to myself, that way only I would be held accountable for my business and not a partner....
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