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Midterm Exam Ling 341 [1] Referring to the directionality of head (whether the head comes before the complement or after the complement in a phrase and the head comes to the right or to the left in words), discuss why word level processes should be independent from sentence level processes. In so doing, discuss what is expected if sentence level processes and word level processes are interrelated, referring to specific examples. [2] Using So-su substitution in Japanese, discuss why syntactic V-V compounds should be distinguished from lexical V-V compounds.
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Unformatted text preview: [3] Discuss why an abstract compounding rule X -- > Y X is problematic in English. In your discussion you must discuss what is exactly the problem of such rule, and must refer to specific examples. [4] Draw the X-bar structure of the following sentence, including the structure of the complex word. (1) John bought a bath room towel rack at the store. [5] Discuss the problem of the following sentence in English for the Null Subject parameter. (2) The boys that __ bottled fireflies...
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