Religious Traditions

Religious Traditions - Meshari Alqahtani REL 321 Essay 1:...

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Meshari Alqahtani REL 321 Essay 1: Religious Traditions As a native of Saudi Arabia, I have been raised to follow the national religion of Islam. Since Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation, everyone I have grown up with is a Muslim. In my experience with Islam, the primary believe is that everything in life is a gift from Allah. All of my family members are Muslims and we all believe in Allah and his prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. My family and cultural background have played an important role in the foundation of my religious beliefs while my personal journey through life has influenced the development of these beliefs. I first learned about Islam from my parents and grandparents. As a child, I would go with my father and grandfather to the Mosque every day, five times a day. There I would pray with them, read the holy book Al-Quran, and listen to the speech about Islamic history and the prophet histories. I have always been strongly encouraged to follow the Islamic traditions. Every day, my father would wake my brothers and me up early in the morning before the sun rises so we can go to the Mosque with him and pray. I have made the pilgrimage to Mecca several times with family members and friends. Ramadan is another important aspect of Islam where Muslims fast, become very strict about following traditions, and pray often. My maternal grandfather is also a very religious person and is recognized in the Mosque as such. He leads the
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Religious Traditions - Meshari Alqahtani REL 321 Essay 1:...

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