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Interest Groups Environmental Groups: Sierra Club: - Environmental Club - Got Bobby Scott elected - Energy Bills Green Peace - Radical, don’t lobby congress National Resource Defense Council - Report on logging and over fishing of the ocean. - Real scientists Wilderness Society - Oil in Alaska National Education Association - Helps advocate for education professional - Public sector interest group - Lobby’s congress Single Issue Group: National Rifle Association: - 2 nd amendment rights - Very influential - Lots of support - Ideological or single issues Christian Coalition: - Pro family - More Christian shows - Against gay marriage American Federation of Labor - Better working conditions and better pay for workers - Democratic candidates - Will job train and authorize strikes - Gives money to unions that are striking - Give a lot of PAC money National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Single Issue) - Handles racial issues o jena 6 o Challenges the courts
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- Eliminate racial discrimination through the democratic process - Give a lot of PAC money - Give out scholarships Common Cause - Wants to make the government more open to the common man - Sunshine laws - Don’t give PAC money - More statewide than national American Civil Liberties Union - Anti-death penalty - Lesser drug laws - Public interest group - Lobby and send out mailers - Individual rights American Medical Association - To unite all doctors and medical professionals - Pro stem cell research - Business group - Lobby to Congress - Resources for medical personnel - Gives PAC money American Association for Retired Persons (Single Issue) - Help retired people and increase their benefits - Cost of living down for seniors - 2 nd biggest organization in US behind the catholic church - Medical benefits - Discounts to gyms - Indorse liberal candidates - PAC money National Association of Manufactures (business group and trade association) - Represent large and small manufactures - Pro-growth - Litigation, to get judicial attention - Represent management in labor problems
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InterestGroupsforAPGovt. - Interest Groups Environmental...

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