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Lab Digestion Short-1 - Digestion Experiment Pre-Lab 1 List...

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Digestion Experiment Pre-Lab: 1. List the products or monomers formed in the digestion of each of the following substances: a. lactose b. sucrose c. maltose d. triglyceride e. protein 2. What is a the difference between a qualitative and quantitative analysis? 3. What qualitative tests are there for: a. proteins b. carbohydrates c. lipids d. Proteins monomers e. Carbohydrate monomers f. lipid monomers
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Digestion Experiment Purpose: In this experiment you will digest various fats, proteins and carbohydrates and then use some general tests to detect the products formed in the digestion process. In the digestive tract, large dietary molecules are converted into smaller molecules that can be absorbed and used by the cells of the body. This process is called digestion. Experimental Procedure: This experiment will allow you to observe several reactions that occur during the digestion of food in the mouth, stomach and small intestine. In each set of tests, control samples will be used. The control samples contain everything but the enzyme that catalyzes the digestive process. A control sample allows you to observe the importance of the enzyme. Some tests require longer heating periods than others. Start those that require longer heating times first. Hydrolysis of Starch Salivary Amylase: If you have eaten within the last two hours, rinse your mouth thoroughly with a cup of water. In a 50 mL beaker, collect a volume of saliva equal to one third the volume of a 10 cm test tube. This will be the source of salivary amylase.
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