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1301 SP 09_2 Profile - Course Instructor E-mail address...

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Course History 1301 Section 8434/9041 Spring 2009 Instructor Dr. David Buice E-mail address [email protected] I will check my email several times a day between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday-Friday . I usually do not answer emails over the weekend except in exceptional cases where problems might develop related to the tests. (And I hope those will be infrequent!) Text required America Past & Present, Vol. I, Special Texas Edition. The author is Robert A. Divine and others. ISBN # 0-536-07128-4 Attendance All course work is online, including the orientation. There is no classroom work of any kind for this course, and you do not have to come to the Richland campus for either meetings or tests. Type and number of examinations Test I – Chapter 1-4 Test II – Chapter 5-8 Test III – Chapter 9-12 Test IV – Chapters 13-16 The tests will be made up of multiple choice and true-false questions, and all tests will be online. See the Course Schedule for the specific test dates.
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