Chapter 8 Notes - CHAPTER 8 NOTES Introduction: In this...

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CHAPTER 8 NOTES Introduction : In this chapter we explore the highlights, and low points, of the presidencies of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, including the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the background to the War of 1812, the war, and the Treaty of Ghent ending that conflict. Westward Movement and Native Americans At the time of the 1810 census, the population of the U.S. stood at 7.2 million, with 20% of those being slaves. From 1790 on, a flood of people rushed westward to take advantage of the rich soil and new economic opportunities. Ohio joined the union in 1803 and new territorial governments organized in places such as Louisiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri. A large number of Native Americans lived in the Ohio River Valley Tecumseh and his brother the Prophet organized to resist white movement onto native lands They were torn by wanted, on the one hand, to trade with whites, but on the other, wanted to resist their whiskey and their diseases The Cities American cities were growing and served as depots for international trade But the cities did not have a great influence on the interior of the country; land transportation was so difficult and expensive that merchants rarely purchased goods that were produced more than 150 miles away. Jefferson Dedicated to the life of the mind, but a politician to the core who wanted to accomplish a number of things as president. 1
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His goals included reducing the size and cost of the federal government, repealing certain Federalist laws and maintaining international peace. The National Debt A top priority of Jefferson was to cut the national debt To accomplish this goal the Army and Navy were cut and many American embassies in Europe were closed Jefferson was deeply suspicious of standing armies and reasoned
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Chapter 8 Notes - CHAPTER 8 NOTES Introduction: In this...

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