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Chapter 9 Notes Nation Building and Nationalism Introduction : In this chapter we examine some of the major economic developments taking place in this country during the opening years of the 19 th century as well as major diplomatic and politic events during the presidencies of James Monroe and John Quincy Adams. Study Note : I would suggest that you brush quickly over the opening pages of this material, Pp 247-262, (dealing with migration, transportation, agriculture and industry) and focus on the information that begins with the topic “The Politics of Nation Building after the War of 1812.” Expansion Rush –Bagot Agreement of 1817 – Limited both U.S. and British warships on the Great Lakes and thus guaranteed that neither country would ever invade the other in that area. Convention of 1818 – Extended the U.S.-Canadian border westward along the 49 th parallel to the crest of the Rocky Mountains. West of the crest was the Oregon country, and the treaty provide for joint occupation of this area by American and British settlers. Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 – Spain surrendered Florida to the U.S. and the U.S. assumed the financial claims that American citizens had against Spain, about $5 million Transportation The National Road between Cumberland, Maryland and Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia) was the first great federal transportation project Steamboats – The first successful steamboat launched by Robert Fulton Steamboats were a boon to western farmers as they speeded up
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Chapter_9_Notes - Chapter 9 Notes Nation Building and...

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