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Unformatted text preview: Nancy Hemminger Father Rob Waller Socialization Israel and Palestinian Territories 4 Socialization Socialization The process by which people develop a sense of self and learn the ways of the society in which they live. © Justin C. McIntosh Father Rob Waller begins immediately after birth, and continues until death. Through the socialization process, humans (1) acquire a sense of self or social identity, SOCIALIZATION (2) learn about the social groups to which they belong and do not belong, SOCIALIZATION (3) develop their human capacities, and SOCIALIZATION (4) learn to negotiate the social and physical environment they have inherited. Key Questions 1. How do members of a new generation learn about and come to terms with the environment they have inherited? SOCIALIZATION How is conflict passed from one generation to the next? 2. SOCIALIZATION TWO NATIONS: ISRAEL AND PALESTINE Well, the two ­­ the two nations ­­ are haunted by Well, the two ­­ the two nations ­­ are haunted by their pasts. It may be interesting to point out that both the Israeli Jew and Palestinian Arab are victims of Europe in two different ways. The Arabs were victimized by Europe through colonialism, imperialism, oppression and exploitation; the Jews through suppression, discrimination and, finally, mass murder in the Nazi period. SOCIALIZATION Now, two victims of the same oppressor Do not necessarily become brothers. Two children of the same cruel parent do not necessarily hug one another. Sometimes the worst rivalries, in private life as well as in communal life, are precisely the Conflict between two victims of the same oppressor. SOCIALIZATION Two children of the same cruel parent look at one another and see in each other the image of the cruel parent or the image of their past oppressor. SOCIALIZATION This is very much the case between Jew and Arab: It's a conflict between two victims. - Amos OZ Camera Operator: LT. A. E. SAMUELSON DoD photo by: CHERIE A. THURLBY © Justin C. McIntosh Issue: Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem Issue: Innumerable walls around each settlement, around Palestinian towns, and along the West Bank­ Israel border. © Justin C. McIntosh Question of Safe Passage Between Two Disconnected Lands Question of Safe Passage for Israelis within West Bank Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees Status of Jerusalem – both Palestinians and Israelis claim the city as their capital © Keith Levit Photography/Index Open How is conflict passed from one generation to the next? Collective Memory the experiences shared and recalled by significant numbers of people. Memories (of lived experiences) are revived, shared, passed on, and recast in many forms stories holidays rituals monuments It is passed on through monuments and memorials. National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior Zachi Evenor, Israel The conflict is passed on through important symbols. Christopher Brown The conflict is passed on through television shows. Missy Gish Three Stages of Role-taking Role Taking Stepping outside the self and imagining how others (outsiders) view its appearance and behavior. People acquire a sense of self when they can role-take. The ability to role-take is a 3-stage learning process. Children... imitate or mimic people. repeat things they see and hear. DoD photo by: Scott H. Spitzer, CIV USAF Children learn to... recognize behavior patterns. incorporate them into their play. pretend to be significant others. learn to see the world from a viewpoint than their own. other AFIS BILLBOARD POSTERS. CHILD EDUCATION, BILLBOARD Elizabeth Mander Nancy Hemminger Children learn to... follow established rules. take simultaneously the role of all participants. see how their position fits in relation to all positions. learn to organize their behavior around the generalized other. other DoD photo by: MC2 RON TREVINO, USN Father Rob Waller ...
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