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Nhu Dang Professor Hensley English 1301 Section 8425 6-12-09 Observation Essay As I peered over to my work-desk, I noticed something that is of high sentimental value yet has often been overlooked. My wedding photo in a thin wooden red frame standing to the side. The photo was taken inside the restaurant during the reception with adequate lighting. You can’t tell the stress that day by the way the six family members in the photo are smiling. My mother-in-law on the left side of the shot has her arms down to her side as she grins in her favorite dark red thin strap dress filled with flower patterns that matches the color. My father-in-law wearing a neatly ironed black suit with a blue striped tie has a stare that is calming and a proud smile on his face. My
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Unformatted text preview: husband has a smile that matches with my father-in-law’s as he dons a grey suit with a red tie crossing our arms together. I am dressed in a gorgeous slimming white gown with a tiara that matches beautifully. My youngest sister is wearing a white dress that has a gold stripe down the middle that complement her skin tone and frills at the bottom hides her toned legs. I can remember her right hand pressed firmly on my back. Finally, my older sister has her hand hunched on her hips wearing a blue flower patterned over white dress with a cocky yet playful smile completes the photo. I breathe a sign a relief when I glaze upon the photo. It holds one of my most precious memories of my life....
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