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Dang 1 Nhu Dang C. Hensley English 1301 Section 8425 29 June 2009 Unemployment in America According to the Bureau of Labour of America, “The number of unemployed persons increased by 787,000 to 14.5 million in May, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.4 percent” (United). The economy of the United States has been declining dramatically. Many big companies and small businesses are bankrupt because of the effects of the recession. A great number of people are losing their jobs and have difficulties finding other places to recruit them. Unemployment has become one of the most serious issues that need to be solved as soon as possible. The problems resulting from unemployment seem to become very dangerous to our society. First, unemployed people are unable to pay their bills such as rent, car payments, credit cards. If they are jobless for a long period of time, they will become penniless. These individuals may end up turning into homeless people or resort to becoming criminals like burglars, thieves or robbers. Or they may decide to commit suicide to escape all the heavy burdens of debts and intense stresses on their lives. Second, unemployment can lead to family-related issues. Financial difficulties caused by losing jobs may contribute to the separations of family members. Jobless individuals cannot support themselves as well as their partners and kids. These families will live in difficult conditions
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Dang 2 and not feel happy anymore. As a result, divorces may end these unsatisfied relationships.
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DangEssay4FinalDraft[1] - Dang 1 Nhu Dang C. Hensley...

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