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Tran 1 Hang Tran Carol Hensley ENGL 1301-8425 24-06-09 Trapped in Traffic The traffic jam is a constant struggle within our daily transportation routine. Currently, many people are affected by this tedious frustration in big cities in Vietnam. Moving a little bit, stopping, moving a little bit more, and stopping again - it is a waste of time when trying to go to work or home during hours of heavy traffic. In the last several decades, the population has been significantly increasing, but the road systems have not been developing to meet those needs. The traffic jam is worse because schools, markets, and factories were built close to each other along the same street where too many people jam into at the same time. The horrible traffic condition in Vietnam has affected many aspects of life and this problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible. In Vietnam, the rush hour is from eight to nine o’clock in the morning when most people start going to work or to school. Since children’s schools are usually close to their parents’ work places, and few school buses and other public transports exist, the parents take their children to school on their way to work by their own vehicles. Thus, many vehicles run on the same roads and become stuck in traffic jams. Some people who want to avoid the traffic, start taking their children to school and going to work earlier when fewer vehicles are on the roads. However, it is not really practical because they waste their time in the morning, and they have to wake up early. Furthermore, because of traffic jams, some people come home late and they cannot have dinner with the other members
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of their families. Students, because of traffic jams, can be late to their classes and miss their important exams in the morning. And on the professional level, tardiness is a leading occurrence for disciplinary action in the work place. Whether one is a student or a professional, the effects of traffic jams impact nearly everyone. The traffic jam also causes health problems for people in Vietnam. Our main
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tranwd4f - Tran 1 Hang Tran Carol Hensley ENGL 1301-8425...

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