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English 1302 Internet Orientation Information Getting Started 20 GET YOUR TEXTBOOK IMMEDIATELY to ensure success in this class. Not having a textbook is NO excuse for not starting the course on time. Textbook Information All Readings and Assignments in this course are based upon: Reid, Stephen, The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers , 8 th edition ISBN # 0-13-601698-7 (Paperback, Brief edition) NOTE: This is the edition ordered for the bookstore and will be cheaper than the hardbound edition. The textbook can be purchased at the following places: Follett’s Bookstore on the RLC Campus Follett's online bookstore ( http://www.efollett.com ) Description of the Course GETTING AROUND THE COURSE WEBSITE. This course is organized by Blackboard 7.1 software, known as eCampus by the DCCCD. On the eCampus home page for our course, you will notice a list of menu items on the left side of the screen. Within these menu items, accessible by a click from your mouse, you will find all the information necessary to complete the course. Under COURSE INFORMATION, for example, you will find folders containing information about how to get started and where to order your textbook. You will also find out how the course is laid out and the calendar of assignment due dates along with an explanation of how your final grade in the course is calculated. THERE IS A DROP DATE DEADLINE. Please note that, like an on-campus course, there is a "drop date" for this course, after which you must receive a
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performance grade. If circumstances arise that force you from participating in the class, you must initiate a withdrawal in order to avoid receiving an "F" grade. Since I do not offer "Incompletes," you must be sure to take the necessary steps for withdrawal if you are unable to complete the course. Also, please note that the drop date for this class, because it is a flex-term during regular semesters, sometimes differs from on-campus classes. HOW ASSIGNMENTS ARE ORGANIZED. Under LEARNING MODULES you will find the units around which the course is organized. Each module gives you step-by-step reading and writing assignments. Some of the writing assignments—the discussion forums, review quizzes, and the Online timed essay—must be completed on-screen in eCampus. Otherwise, you will use a word processing program like Word or Word Perfect to compose your essay drafts, then either post them to GROUP PAGES or send to me using the Essay Assignment links within the Learning Modules on the menu. (More about these essays later!) FLEXTERM PACING.
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