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Dang 1 Nhu Dang Carol Hensley English 1302-8425 14 July 2009 Dentistry Grown up in Vietnam, I saw a great number of people living unhappy lives. Children suffer from a lack of nourishing food, and they cannot accomplish their vocational education due to the financial difficulties of their families. I started to be interested in the medical field for my future career because I believe that I am able to help the poor financially and physically with a medical degree. After completing the “English as a second language” courses in Canada, I decided to major in Biology to become a dentist. I began to look for information about this profession to guide me toward my goal. Dentists help people prevent and cure diseases related to teeth and mouth. Most of them have their own offices to serve customers. The information about dentistry is available on the internet, newspapers, and in all colleges and universities. The first step I would like to find out about dental education is the preparation courses required in high school and pre-dental education. I went to the advising center at Richland College to talk to counselors who assist students pursuing a medical degree. They recommended that I should focus on science courses
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This note was uploaded on 10/07/2010 for the course ENGL 1302 taught by Professor Na during the Fall '09 term at Richland Community College.

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DangEssay1 - Dang 1 Nhu Dang Carol Hensley English...

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