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Dang 1 Nhu Dang Carol Hensley English 1302-8425 03 August 2009 Is Plastic Surgery Important? I remember when I was in elementary school, I was taught lessons about the standards of beauty. People used to put more emphasis on good personalities than on the ideal physical appearance. However, everybody has recently changed his/her perception on human beauty. The attraction of the outside looks are considered equal or even more important than the inside qualities. Women and men nowadays are trying as close as possible to achieve physical perfection. They start with a healthy diet or a persistent exercise program to stay in good shape. Others desire to improve their looks such as their eyes, noses, lips, and bodies quickly through another alternative called plastic surgery. With the advanced technology and talented surgeons of today compared to the last century, cosmetic surgery significantly enhances human lives by improving external and internal qualities. Plastic surgery has become one of the most popular procedures that many Americans go through to achieve better features of their face and body. According to the society’s report in Miami Herald , “In the past ten years, the number of surgical procedures has more than doubled - from 973,000 to 2.1 million” (Economy Can’t Stop Botox). Due to the mass of media, Youtube, Internet, and TV cable, everyone in the world learns about this alternative method that helps people
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Dang 2 to improve their physical appearance. Cosmetic surgery is no longer restricted only for celebrities, singers, movie stars, and wealthy individuals. Women and men who are not satisfied with their natural features can afford to undergo procedures of the surgery to change specific parts of the body and face, as well as to increase the emotional self-esteem. What is wrong with the desire to stay young longer? If someone wants to look prettier and make him or herself feel happier, and can afford the cost, why not consider plastic surgery? Modern medical technology has given people an amazing gift that enables us to slow down the aging of time, and reconstruct the outside appearance for many people all over the world. Cosmetic surgery has been performed in various procedures including skin-lifts, skin-peels such as collagen, Botox injections, laser resurfacing, nose and eye jobs, breast implantations or reductions, liposuction, or even sex-changes. Because of fast procedures and new desired looks that plastic surgery can bring about to human beings, a large number of people who decided to go under the magic knife of the new technology feel very satisfied of themselves. For example, Theresa Whelan, 48, was deeply unhappy with her “huge 52JJ breasts” until undergoing a radical plastic surgery that changed her life significantly. In the news “Nip and Tuck Changed Mum’s Life,” Theresa said that she was on an extreme diet and exercise within two years in order to lose over one hundred and forty pounds. However, the huge loss of body fat did not make her feel
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DangEssay4WD - Dang 1 Nhu Dang Carol Hensley English...

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