Essay 1 - he is shy in front of pretty girls he does not...

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Sarah Yi Ms. Hensley English 1301 Section 8425 12 June 2009 The Terrible Sevens As I sit here trying to think of what to write, I am telling my 7-year-old cousin to stop standing in front of the TV and to stop bouncing the exercise ball inside of the house. As he pretends not to hear anything I have said, I realize that I have found my subject. He is a rambunctious 7-year-old who is constantly asking questions about everything. He is a curious little boy and loves to have things his way. He pokes and prods through object he can get his hands on. He asks questions about why things are a certain way and if they’re not then why not. His questions at times can be exhausting, especially when we are watching a movie. He asks questions about the plot and the characters. To be able to get through the movie, I have to ask him to stop and ask the questions later. Tonight, he is uncharacteristically shy. My friend, Zoe is over and I guess
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Unformatted text preview: he is shy in front of pretty girls he does not know. He runs away and hides his face when Zoe tries to say hi and puts his hands over his face when he sees us looking at him. For the first couple of hours, he is watching a movie in a separate room because he is too shy to face us. After a couple of hours, he slowly comes out of his shell by slyly sitting by her on the couch in the living room. He sits on the other end of her and takes peeks looking at her to see if she’s looking at him. He is still the 7-year-old who still asks a lot of questions but I have never seen this side of him. I have never seen him acting this way. He is purposely asking a lot of questions and being rambunctious is order to attract attention from Zoe. I know this is just a little boy who thinks my friend is cute but it is interesting to see how people change in front of people they do not know....
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Essay 1 - he is shy in front of pretty girls he does not...

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