Godiaessay1wd - I got some ice and told him to put it on...

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DOROTHY GODIA PROFESSOR HENSLEY ENG 1301 -8425 06/11/09 OBSERVATIONAL ESSAY I sat down on the couch pretending to watch my favorite show on television -Desperate housewives. From the corner of my eyes I could see my oldest son Chris telling his little brother something.”Do it Alex! Do it !”. This of course caught my attention as to what it was he wanted his brother to do. Lo and behold I looked up and he was standing on top of the couch about to jump. He is just two years old. He knows it’s wrong because both my husband and I have forbidden them from jumping that high because they could get hurt. As I turned my face towards him he jumped hitting the ground with a loud thump. He immediately got up and came running to me. “I hit my head mama”. I could see it starting to swell and start to turn pinkish.
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Unformatted text preview: I got some ice and told him to put it on his forehead to make the swelling go down. As soon as he hit the ground his brother fled the room because he knew he was going to get punished for encouraging him to jump when he knew that was wrong. Alex held the ice for a few seconds and was soon gone to the other room after his brother. It didnt take long before they were back in the living room ,trying to play again. This rough playing of course is a recipe for crying . Whether it is football or mischief , this boys amaze me on the kind of relationship they have. They fight and rough play one minute and the next minute they are hugging and are the best of friends. Hope this relationship keeps growing all the way in adulthood. I enjoy their closeness and their mischief amazes me. Dorothy Godia...
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Godiaessay1wd - I got some ice and told him to put it on...

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