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Adam Gravitt Professor Hensley English 1301- 8425 June 12, 2009 Dream Away In The Streams Of Colorado Do you know the best place to go and rest your mind? The streams in Rocky Mountain National Park is the best kept secret of Colorado. My background image on my computer is a stream in the national park. Just looking at the picturesque mountains in the background with its snow covered caps. I can see for miles and miles of green meadowlands with the stream winding from side to side. Part of the mountain blocks the sun and creates a shadow as far as I can see. The thick, dense and green forest in the distance strikes me with curiosity. What is in there? A bear may be showing her cubs how to survive. Elk and other animals I see are roaming
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Unformatted text preview: throughout. The water is flowing and the wind is cool. This is a good day. While standing in the stream, casting my fly rod, I can only wonder how these mountains came to be. I feel like an ant when I look at the mountains. How can something be this beautiful. The stream goes on forever and seems to never stop, just like the mountains. My dreams too seem to never end. I can’t help but look at the lush meadowlands, the colossal mountains, and the winding stream without a sense of hope and joy in my life. I know that I can dream and nothing can stop me. Colorado is a place where I can relax and you can too....
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