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Zuri Guerrero Professor Hensley English 1302 Section 8425 June 12, 2009 Observing a Tree I see a tree outside my window, it is big, bold, and sits strong. There are some birds  happily chirping and seeing on its branches. The tree looks beautiful with the morning light  hitting it. The sunrays give the green leaves a greater glow. I see this tree outside my window as  a home for a bird family. This tree is a part of the birds’ life but also for me and everyone else in  the world. I know that the tree outside my window helps provide clean oxygen for everyone to  breathe. This tree might not cure the entire pollution found in our air, but it certainly make a  difference. I have grown very fond of this tree since I know it helps shade me when I’m sitting  outside. It is an essential part of my house, as it makes my house look landscaped. I notice that 
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Unformatted text preview: the Christmas lights are missing. It is not Christmas yet, but when it is my family and I put up Christmas lights around this tree. So even when it does not have its own green leaves to stand out and display proudly. We still manage to put lights around it so it can light up our home, itself, and bring more Christmas spirit. This tree outside my window, is so strong. I know since it has withheld many severe thunderstorms, of course it has lost many leaves when doing so, but its spirit has stayed strong as the tree lives long. I know that this tree is a home for some, a contributor for cleaner air for many, and a piece of landscape for our house; but for me, it is all-in-all a beautiful tree....
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Guerrero_Essay1_WDraft - the Christmas lights are missing....

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