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Observational Essay After a long day at work and at school, I am finally home. I flopped on to my bed, back first with my face pointed to the ceiling. After a sigh of relief, I lifted my head up on to my pillow and looked over to my desk like I normally do. Too tired to move, I started to stare at it. I began to noticed my belongings in that area are out of place. My white t- shirt I was wearing is hanging off of my chair that should have been in the hamper. I noticed empty water bottles that I gulped down they day before while studying are littered across the top of my desk like scattered bowling pins. Dust lined the desk edges. Scattered multicolored sticky notes lined the wall behind the desk to constantly remind me of my daily schedule. Pens, papers, backpack and other school necessities cluttered under my desk. Next to the clutter, is a small trash can that should have been emptied a
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Unformatted text preview: week ago which could be emitting the strange smell that I have noticed recently. Feeling ashamed that I haven’t been cleaning the area I spend the most time at, I closed my eyes trying to get rid the thought of what if someone were to come in and see this catastrophe. I rolled over to my side, my stare directed toward to the floor. I noticed something is wrong. My video game controllers are scattered on the floor! Mind you that I have pride in putting up my electronics after I’m done playing. My eyes quickly shifted to the TV. My TV remote isn’t there. Some DVD cases are opened with no discs inside. That’s when I realized someone must have been into my room.-Hieu Hoang Hieu Hoang Carol Hensley English 1301 Section 8425 6/12/2009...
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