Lab_Safety - D - 2Safety Training OutlineThe North Lake...

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Unformatted text preview: D - 2Safety Training OutlineThe North Lake College Hazardous Materials Procedures Manual was written toestablish rules and procedures, as specified by the Texas Hazard Communications Act of1985, for the proper use, inventory, storage, and disposal of all hazardous chemicalsand/or chemical products on the campus of North Lake College, as well as the propertraining of personnel and students who might be exposed to hazardous materials oncampus.This written policy is available for your review at your request.The chain of command for the management of hazardous materials at North LakeCollege is as follows:6.Vice President of Business Services7.Hazardous Material Manager / College Police Chief8.Cost Center Manager9.Faculty & StaffEach person has definite responsibilities and dutiesto perform concerning hazardous materials on campus.Duties will sometime overlap within the chain ofcommand to ensure check points for compliance to theTexas Hazardous Communication Act of 1985.Section 9.0 of the Procedures Manual covers thetraining of laboratory students.9.0Hazardous Materials Training---9.2The Faculty/Staff shall insure the appropriate training of all students during thefirst two weeks of each semester. The division should monitor the receipt of astudent roster, indicating the students have received training, and maintain a copyof that roster in a file for three years. A copy of the roster is to be sent to the policedepartment as soon as possible.•All students, new and returning, are required to attend the chemistry lab safetytraining lecture during their regularly scheduled lab time at the beginning ofeach new regular-length semester.•After the lecture, be sure to sign the roster by printing your name and socialsecurity number on the appropriate form indicated by your instructor.D - 39.5During an orientation session, employees and students are to be given basicinformation on the Texas Hazardous Communication Act, its purpose and theirrights as employees and students. The training should emphasize the followingelements:9.5.1A discussion of the "NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES AND STUDENTS" which containsinformation on the Texas Hazards Communications Act. (This notice must be postedin all work areas where hazardous materials are used.)•This is posted on the bulletin boards of each chemistry laboratory.9.5.2Location and availability of the hazardous materials inventory, the MSDS files, andthe written hazard communication program listed above.a)An inventory of all the chemicals used in the chemistry labs is contained in the frontof the first MSDS binder.b)The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) file is located in the Tote Tray Room (C307)and is easily accessed from either lab....
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Lab_Safety - D - 2Safety Training OutlineThe North Lake...

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