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EE114 Autumn 09/10 R. Dutton, B. Murmann Page 1 of 3 Last modified 10/9/2009 5:07:00 PM HOMEWORK #3 (Due: Friday, October 16, 2009, noon PT) 1. Assume that you have just joined a new company and that their technology and technology files for SPICE are quite different from what you have worked with at your previous company. Hence, you need to do some hand calculations and related SPICE simulations (using your own “my_nmos”) to confirm what you can expect with the technology at hand. Here is how you will go about the task: a) Assume a W=25 μ m and L=1.4 μ m NMOS device, with KP=50 μ A/V 2 , VTO=0.5V and COX=2.3mF/m 2 (use the Lambda scaling rule given in Lect. 5, p. 18-19); for a bias current of 0.35mA and assumed Vds=2.5V, compute (by hand) the required Vgs and resulting Cgs as well as small-signal gm and gds (ignoring all extrinsic capacitances). b) Construct an HSPICE deck, similar to that shown in Lect. 6, p. 21 but only to be used for the dc operating point and “.op” output. This time use R=10K Ω and R i =20K Ω . Run the simulations and confirm your hand calculations in part a)—these should be virtually identical to your hand calculations. Your HW must include both your input and output files as shown on p. 21 of Lect. 6. (Remember: it is your job to correctly specify V I to get Vds=2.5V). c) Now you will add in the relevant extrinsic capacitance effects, both in hand calculations and then in simulations. Assume that CGSO=0.5nF/meter and CGDO=0.5nF/meter, additionally the junction capacitances are specified by the formulae Lect. 7, p. 5 and the associated HSPICE parameters (i.e. CJ, CJSW etc.) shown on p. 6 (same lecture—note the units milli-F/meter 2 , nF/meter). Compute the resulting Cgd and Cdb values, using L diff =3 μ m. d)
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hw3 - EE114 Autumn 09/10 R. Dutton, B. Murmann Page 1 of 3...

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