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An extracurricular accomplishment

An extracurricular accomplishment - did unless everyone...

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An extracurricular accomplishment that has changes my life is in the year 2005, the varsity football team I was involved in won the New York State Class AA State Championship. This influenced me like because it allowed me to realize how hard work pays off. All those hours I put into the team during my summer vacation while all of my other friends were enjoying themselves taught me that success requires sacrifice. During that year I was a junior in high school and could not wait for my senior year and second year on the team. The following year I worked harder, longer, and spent more time in the weight room so that the whole team would get better due to my work alone. Football is a team sport and we would not have gotten where we
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Unformatted text preview: did unless everyone worked hard and did their jobs on and off the field. The following year we made it back to the state Championship game but lost in overtime. This was a devastating lose but allowed me to see both sides of the game. With an ultimate high the year before and now a horrible ending to my football career showed me that it’s not all about winning. The discipline I gained from football will be something I will have all my life. I also gained so many friendships throughout my career with the whole team which had become one big family. As I look back upon my experiences I always wish I had continued my football career and had not given it up for my current steady job....
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