BITM Test 1 - BITM Test Key Terms • ALU(Arithmetic Logic...

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Unformatted text preview: BITM Test Key Terms • ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) - digital circuit that performs arithmetic and logical operations • ASCI I- coding standard that can be used for interchanging information, if the information is expressed mainly by the written form of English words. • Biometric Device – Device that authenticates a person’s identity by translating a personal characteristic, such as a fingerprint, into a digital code that then is compared with a digital code stored in a computer verifying a physical or behavioral characteristic • Bit Torrent - A peer-to-peer file sharing protocol • Booting – Process of starting or restarting a computer • Business to Consumer, Consumer to Consumer, Business to Business • Cache Memory – Area of memory that stores the contents of frequently used data or instructions • CAD (Computer Aided Design) – Software that aids in engineering, drafting, and design • CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing • CD-RW – Erasable multisession optical disc on which users can write data, instructions, and information multiple times • Chip – Small piece of semiconducting material, usually silicon, on which integrated circuits are etched • Computer Aided Engineering – Use of computers to test product designs • Computer Aided Manufacturing – Use of computers to assist with manufacturing processes such as fabrication and assembly • Consistency Check – Validity check that tests the data in two or more associated fields to ensure that the relationship is logical and their data is in the correct format • Content Aggregator – Business that gathers and organizes web content and then distributes, or feeds, the content to subscribers for free or a fee • Data Dictionary – A DBMS element that contains data about each file in a database and each field in those files • Data Integrity - preservation of data for their intended use...
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BITM Test 1 - BITM Test Key Terms • ALU(Arithmetic Logic...

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