Dear - someone out of your life I’m afraid that if we do...

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Dear “Friend” I am so angry that our once perfect friendship has gotten to this point. We were not only friend but family. How did we allow ourselves to get to the place where we are in the same room but do not speak. That weeks or months can go by and we do not feel the urge to call text or even wave? This is a problem that we both created. You cannot rely on me to fix it because it is beyond fixing. It hurts me that everything we have experienced together means nothing. I do not know how you go about ignoring me when I try to talk to you, or simply smiling and not saying a word. Really? This is what it comes down to. If I could I would just throw you out of my life and never speak to you again. If I could I would create barriers and never let you cross them. You know that is impossible for many reasons and that is why this distance kills me. What really kills me is how it is not killing you. You make is seem so easy to just kick
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Unformatted text preview: someone out of your life. I’m afraid that if we do not fix this soon we will lose each other forever. I am so afraid that this distance will become normal and the communication will cease to exist. We are both guilty of doing nothing to fix this. I am sorry about that one night, but that was my ONE mistake in this friendship. It is unfair of you to hold this against me. I understand that I wronged you. You, however, have betrayed me more times than I can count. Maybe I am the stupid one in this friendship for wanting to resolve this. I want us to want to spend time together. I want us to want to laugh together. I want our friendship to be easy and not have to force it when we are in public. In a perfect world I would like to make a clean slate and start this journey over with only good memories ahead and behind us. Danielle...
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