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The narrator uses this letter as a form of therapy. While her lover may never read this letter, it is still healing wounds. This letter allows her to gather her feelings and solidify them to a piece of paper. She could have said the same thing to herself that she wrote on the paper, however, these thoughts could conflict with each other. Writing allowed her to organize her thoughts and show herself feelings that may have been conflicted before she was able to sit down and verbalize them. This process may have allowed her to uncover fears, beliefs, memories she had forgotten or not realized. The narrators entry was extremely emotional. For her to be harboring all of that emotion, the results could be volatile. She needed to familiarize herself with the emotions and messages she was keeping bottled up. In the first paragraph Butch states that she is lying on her bed missing Theresa. She is
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Unformatted text preview: crying, eyes swollen and there is a thunderstorm outside. This brought me back a couple months ago when I was at school during immersion. All of my roommates had gone home, my boyfriend was is Vegas, my family 100 miles away and I was alone. A huge storm passed through and I was completely alone . Crying hysterically on my bed from both stress, fear, and other emotions I had not be able to release in a healthier way, I sat there in my room alone. When I read those first couple sentences I knew exactly where she was coming from. I believe that the storm may have brought up emotions and feeling she had deep down inside. For many storms make you want to be near someone for protection or strength. She was only able to complete this through writing....
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