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eng106-5 - and courteous will get you farther than stirring...

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This piece was inspired by the song Sunscreen. I heard it again today after about 8 years. If anyone has not heard it, it is little tidbits of advice about life. I had a new outlook on the song now that I am older. I hated it when it first came out. “how can it be a song if there is no singing”. The messages in that song are something that I hope to keep in mind as life goes on. My opinion changed today when I heard it again. I feel like this piece follows the same rhythm of that song. Two or three things I know for sure is that when life throws you a curve ball always take the high road. When you are stuck in a situation where you feel cheated or wronged, it is always better to smile and walk away gracefully. Leave out the bad words, leave out the curses and name calling. Two or things I know for sure is that honey attracts more butterflies than vinegar. Staying classy
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Unformatted text preview: and courteous will get you farther than stirring up drama. Fighting back dirty will only make things worse. When someone has wronged you it is better to gather yourself and step away, as hard as that may be. Two or three things I know for sure is to not confuse niceness for weakness. Do not allow yourself to be walked over for being nice. Too many times the “nice quite girl” gets taken advantage of. Be firm in who you are but do not knock people down to get your point across. Too many times circumstances worsen when revenge or retaliation is given back. Two or three things I know for sure is that revenge is not bittersweet. It does not make you feel better to see someone cry even when they have wronged you. It does not make you feel good to make someone cry, because then you have stooped to their level....
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