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Cahokia-history written from eng POV,died from Spanish disease,18mil,erected mounds discov therys -polynesn:boat,hook/Chinese:map,food,anchr,wreck/norse+vinlndmap1440 LeafEriksson-Greenland,Newfoundland colony/Columbus-euros try spread relig 2enrich ColumbnExchng-(push on globalizatn)NEWcorn+potatos[boost pop growth>colonizatin] -from OLDWORLD:horses,disease(95%caribean+east dead),sugar(labor intensv)>slaves Roanoke-100 settlers under John White,war w/Indians,colony vanished,English imperlsm VirginiaCpy-plant colonys,private trading companys,investors/joint-stock,exploit natives -virginaians-gaveUS 1 st rep.legislature,new vice(tobacco),help establsh slavelabor system EarlyVA-meant2be diversified+productive society(trees 4 ships),gold fever TOBACCO -Jamestown 1608 -no food,poor govrning system,no women,after10yr=slum(80%deathrte) NewPlan(capitalism)-given100acres,paid in land,estab.HouseofBurg,become royalcolony Mrylnd-LordCalvert-proprietary colony(Calvert owned),Chesapeke=sectinlsm,alongH20 NewAmstrdam 1630-1642 -founded to make$(real estate),slaves in 2yrs,strong comm.port, -drunkenss(dutch-west indie cmpny)Stuyvesant,fall2Brits,ArtofCap(individ liberty+relig) NY-2 nd largest city,good hinterland+harbor,Capitalist mindset($),based on slaves NE -towns develop(Plymouth),set up govt(mayflower compct),Puritans arrive in MA bay, -no single crop,more women,familys,better climate(cold kill disease)CT,NH,RI from this
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  • The American, slaves Roanoke-100 settlers, boost pop growth, tactics+gain weapons,Indian pop, John White,war w/Indians,colony, vanished,English imperlsm VirginiaCpy-plant, trading companys,investors/joint-stock,exploit natives
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