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Danielle Ventola Literary Assessment Report SEE 360 April 20 th 2010 Literacy Assessment Report Name: Emily Smith Date of Birth: January 26 th 2002 Age: 8.4 years. Grade: 2 Examiner: Danielle Ventola Reason for Referral: Emily Smith was chosen for this assignment by her classroom teacher Tammy Schillinger. Emily was identified as a student below grade reading level. Mrs. Schillinger believed that she would work patiently and cooperatively. Emily was observed for field placement hours as well as completed the literacy assessment paperwork. Interview with Emily: Emily is a quite, caring student who is always offering her help to her teacher. Emily is soft- spoken, polite and patient. She is able to routine changes easily and she is always willing to help others. I had to honor to use Emily as I delivered the literacy assessment. I often made she to tell her she was helping me become a teacher. This was something she often smiled at and said “I
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know”. Emily is eight years old. She loves soccer and playing outside with her friends. She is the middle child with older and younger brothers and sisters. She often helps her mother take care of her little sister. Emily enjoys visiting her grandmother because he is able to go to Great Adventure Amusement Park. Emily loves riding roller coasters. Emily states she enjoys reading. She reads at home with her mother. Emily enjoys reading Junie B. Jones in her free time. When asked is reading could be hard on occasion Emily agreed. She was unable to say why it was hard at times. When Emily is stuck on a word she “taps it out”. This is a process that is used by her classroom teacher to break up the words by the sounds. The students count the sounds on their fingers. This helps them visualize and more through the word. Instruments Administered:
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lit assessment - Danielle Ventola Literary Assessment...

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