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Eco Extra Credit - A ids In A frica and T he Solution...

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Aids In Africa and The Solution Economic Development: Extra Credit Assignment Michael Rumler ID#000894645
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Nowhere in the world is the HIV/AIDS epidemic more common than the continent of Africa. The most current estimate is that 5.5 million people are living with HIV, which represents about 12 percent of the population. One in four people between the ages of 15 and 49 are infected with HIV. Over 1,700 AIDS related deaths occur each day and it currently is estimated that there are 600,000 orphaned children as a result of AIDS. A survey done in 2004 reported that South African citizens spend more time at funerals than weddings, haircuts, or grocery shopping. The HIV/AIDS epidemic emerged in South African around 1982. While political disturbances conquered the media, HIV began to take hold, primarily in the gay community. For South Africa, political turmoil, apartheid, and government denial has fed an epidemic that has reached a devastating extent. There are several ethnicities within the African segment of the population. The country is made up of 79 percent black and 10 percent white.
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Eco Extra Credit - A ids In A frica and T he Solution...

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