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Brineydi Peralta Week 1 Chapter 1 1.2 The four primary disadvantages of a sole proprietorships and partnerships are 1- unlimited life of the business 2- limited life of the business. 3- difficulty of transferring ownership 4- business grow is limited. The advantage that they have is that there is no double taxation for those types of business organization. 1.3 The disadvantage of a corporation is that it has double taxation. The advantage is that shareholders have limited liability with respect to the debts or judgments against the corporation.
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Unformatted text preview: 1.9 The type of goals that would be appropriate for a non-profit organization would be taking pride on what the organization does such as literary, scientific or humanitarian. Chapter 2. 18.6 The advantage that Hynix have is that tariffs were placedon computer chips manufacture in Korea. The risk for Hynix is hat ProMos decides to create is own chips based Hynix making the company lose its tariffs. 18.7 It would cause inflation to our currency...
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