computer activity week 7

computer activity week 7 - Interval for the Mean . Process...

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MAT 109 STATDISK Activity: Processing Confidence Intervals Instructor: Name Brineydi Peralta Date Given: Date Due: Directions : Process the large data sets by STATDISK. Set up each answer as a simultaneous (i.e. three-part) inequality with the parameter in the center. Write substantive answers to the questions. Paste your screen shots in the space provided, or attach a sheet with your pictures pasted on it. 1. (5) Section 7-2, #48, page 344. Confidence Interval for the Proportion . Based on the confidence interval obtain below we can conclude that there is more movies with different rating than R because the proportion of R rated movies is .34 and because of the limits of 0.19 and 0.50 we can say that there is more ratings because it shows that rating proportion is higher than . 34 MAT 109 Week 7 Processing C.I.s 1 Peirce College Faculty
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2. (5) Re: Section 7-4. Confidence
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Unformatted text preview: Interval for the Mean . Process Total for Data Set 22 in Appendix B, pages 790-791. Consider these 62 households as a sample of all households in Phoenix, Arizona. Construct a 99% confidence interval for the population mean. Do you think that this sample is representative of the population? Explain. [Hint : Run Descriptive Statistics first. Then, run Confidence Intervals. Assume that the garbage was collected at households drawn at random throughout Phoenix. Review Chapter 1.] The sample does represent the population because the mean demonstrates that the majority of the population does stand between the range of 23.23665 and 31.65013. 3. (5) Section 7-5, #22, Page 379. Confidence Interval for the Standard Deviation . MAT 109 Week 7 Processing C.I.s 2 Peirce College Faculty...
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computer activity week 7 - Interval for the Mean . Process...

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