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Case Study A. A Technical Case I. Six Steps Problem Solving Heuristics: 1. Research and define the problem: There are many types of computer the problems is how do I know which one is the right one for me, which one will fulfills my necessities without being overprice. 2. Determine the cause of the problem: Too many computer to pick from, some might have my needs but not my wants, while others would be overprice, and others would be too cheap and not be sufficient for what I need it for. 3. Generate solution for the problem: Do some detail research on-line, ask for advise at the stores, and also ask question to friends about what they topically use in their computers. 4. Decide on the best solution: I think the best solution would be doing my own research to accommodate my needs. 5. Implement the solution: I would need to list my needs and search adequate computer websites. 6. Evaluate the solution: I think if I work on doing the right amount of research I should solve my problem of getting what I need on the time that I need it with the
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Unformatted text preview: money I have so I believe this is a very good solution. II. I am majoring in technical management I will need a simple computer with a lot of space where I could save documents, I would want to save music for my personal use, and download programs that help me keep in touch with friends. I also need programs that will help me manage my business or help me with work after graduating, programs like Microsoft Office, excel, PowerPoint, word, and access. I would want intergraded microphone and camera to communicate more often with my friends and family in Dominican Republic but it is definitely not a need. I would want it to have a DVD player and burner too just to see movies once in a while. III. Base on my need I would go with a desktop DELL Inspiron 530 but base on my wants and need I would go with a laptop iIspiron 1525 and I would not go over budget either because it cause $449.00 not including taxes and warranty....
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Case Study.doc - money I have so I believe this is a very...

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