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Report3 - riding his bike on theme park's property With a...

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Brineydi Peralta FIN 201 April 3, 2010 Week4 Report 3 Walt Disney Co. Date Open High Low Close Volume 1-Apr-10 35.07 35.59 35.01 35.55 14,603,000 31-Mar-10 35.07 35.20 34.81 34.91 10,789,500 30-Mar-10 35.13 35.20 34.76 35.10 17,201,800 29-Mar-10 35.28 35.42 34.97 35.16 12,560,500 General Stock Market Events: 1. Disney pushes back the deadline for bids on the Miramax label and film  library. Disney intentions is to sell it for $650 million range but in reality the  entertainmnet expert says the estimated label worth is $400-$500 million range 2. ESPN360 merges into ESPN3 keeping the broadband site the same. It has a  new look since there is many new features ESPN already consist of 50 million  or so subscriber and this might just be the breakthrough for expending 3. One of the busiest travel times at area's theme parks, with schools out for  spring brakes and easter weekend. Disney bus killed 9 year old kid who was 
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Unformatted text preview: riding his bike on theme park's property. With a scandalous news like this they wonder if it would stop people from coming. 4. The Dow Jones Industrial average rose 0.7% two of the most affected company are Walt Disney and Alcoa. Sine jobs and manufacturing helped increase the stock. 5. While ABC and CBS seems to be struggling it seems that NBC news watch is higher and rising. Could it be that Brian Williams has an effect on the stock market it seems to be a tremendous difference but the result are more likely to be blame on Brian Williams popularity. Trefis Note of the Day. NBC Rises. 19 Mar.2010. Web. 3 Apr. 2010. < http://seekingalpha.com/article/194553-how-much-could-disney-get-for-abc-network?source=yahoo > Stock Information: http://finance.yahoo.com...
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Report3 - riding his bike on theme park's property With a...

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