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Swot - work since everything is urgent and important At the...

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Strengths: Being bilingual helps a lot because I can communicate to two cultures and it helps me in the future if I was to advertise I would be able to reach double the amount of people if I was only to speak one language. It also helps because I can communicate very well in both languages. I have a certification in public adjusting and also a real estate license, which is an advantage because I’m knowledgeable in different areas. Strengths Bilingual English/Spanish Certification on Public Adjusting Good communication skills Real Estate License  Weaknesses Time managing Procrastination Lack of confidences Lack of support Opportunities Finishing school with a technical  management degree. Arrival of new technology Baby bomb period of work is  almost over Threats New regulations Student loans debt Economic changes   
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Weaknesses: I have a hard time managing my time I have try to organized it so that I have to do the important urgent things first but that just doesn’t seem to
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Unformatted text preview: work since everything is urgent and important. At the same time I procrastinate a lot making it harder for me to keep up with my time. At the same time I am not that confidant and I don’t have that much support economically making it even less confident. Opportunities: Higher education is great opportunity when it comes to self-assessment it helps you improve your knowledge and also helps obtain a better job. The arrival of technology is great it facilitate jobs and help you keep track of everything from personal to business. The baby boom period is almost over so more opportunity to grow would be available. Threats: Different types of regulations can hold you back and it can’t also complicate certain things or simply slow down a process. Student loans debts could be a treat to someone’s credit score or it could also be a problem when you are trying to get a house or new car. When economic goes bad so does your personal life along with the finance....
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Swot - work since everything is urgent and important At the...

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