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mission statement

mission statement - My talent are few but important for me...

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Brineydi Peralta Critical Thinking Mission Statement What do I want from my life? I want something call happiness. I want to feel proud with what I accomplish and make out of my life. I want my kids to say that they have the best mom in the world. I want to have a good family relationship even though I will be at work most of the time. I want to accomplish my dreams of owning my own cosmetics retail store over the country. I want to feel happy no matter what happens in life. What do I value? I value my family my home everything that is essential to survive in this world. I value life for giving me everything I have. I value everyone’s feelings. What are my talents?
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Unformatted text preview: My talent are few but important for me and someday I wish I can improve on them. One of the few talent I have is painting I love it, it takes away the pain and make me feel like I am floating around in the air. My other talent would be with numbers I don’t know exactly what drives me crazy about them but I am pretty good at them and it makes me feel proud of myself. At the end of my life, what do I want to have accomplished? When my life comes almost to an end I want to have accomplish all my goals as a career women, a mom, a wife, and a daughter. I want to make sure I was successful to a make sure that children have a better life than me....
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