Essay2 - activity and talking about the problem at the same...

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Brineydi Peralta COM 202 May 23, 2010 Week 2 What roles does your family play in your life? Every person in this world has a family regardless if they are blood related or not. I am fortunate to have the family I have in spite of any differences we might have we all work things out as a whole. My family plays many main roles in my life they are my counselor, my moral support what I like to call my good vs. evil cheerleading squad, and my security. Life is full of surprises when you least expect it something bad happens but thankfully, we have a family to help get through those tough times. I am mostly the one going around helping mediate problems and trying to fix any problem someone might have. However, what happens when I cannot take it anymore and I need help to get back on track? My family comes to the rescue; they try to ease things up by doing family
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Unformatted text preview: activity and talking about the problem at the same time. But when that isn’t enough they might show up at work to have a little chat on my lunch break. I love my family because no matter what decision I make they will always be there to back me up. Sometimes when I make the wrong choice and in the back of my mind I know I did, I be amazed how my family response so positive to it. When I ask them why didn’t they yell at me or say something to snap me out of making a bad decision they tell me that they had faith in me and that they know that sooner or later I would noticed I was making the wrong judgment and I will make the right one. They have always secured my emotions so that I wouldn’t get hurt I am the youngest of eight kids so no one wants to see me get my heart broken....
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Essay2 - activity and talking about the problem at the same...

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