MCDB 1A - T h e B r e a d th o f B i o l o g y - A to m s...

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The Breadth of Biology - Atoms to the Biosphere Section B of the course: “Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology” Approx. Lecture Schedule for Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Section Date Topic Reading (chapter/pages) 7/7 Biochemical Principles 2(20-37) Intro. to Macromolecules/ Lipids 3 (38-42;54-57);5 (96-102) 7/8 Macromolecules: Lipids and Polysaccharides 3 (49-54) Macromolecules: Polysaccharides and Proteins 3 (42-49) 7/9 Macromolecules: Proteins and Nucleic Acids 3 (57-60) 713 The Central Dogma: DNA as Genetic Material 11 (232-241) The Central Dogma: DNA Replication 11 (241-254) 7/14 The Central Dogma: Transcription and Translation 12 (256-274) The Central Dogma: Translation and Mutations 12 (274-281) 7/15 The Central Dogma: Post-Translational Modifications, 7/16 Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism 6 (118-136) Chemical Pathways that Harvest Chemical Energy 7 (138-158) Chemical Pathways that Harvest Chemical Energy 7 (138-158) 7/20 Midterm 2 (Covers All of Section B) A few more logistical matters: Assigned reading is required you’ll need it in upper division courses Don’t memorize chemical structures….but understand the key features and be able to recognize classes of macromolecules COME TO LECTURES!!!! STUDY CONSISTENTLY!!!!!
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This is a Golden Age of Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics enormous impacts in our lives clinical medicine pharmaceuticals agriculture industry forensics many other areas By the end of this class, we hope you will understand many of the principles that make all of this possible OK………let’s start focusing in on molecules and cells…. .but remember… all the chemistry we discuss in class is going on in cells, and all that chemistry is what makes cells “work”! Figure 4-7 A generic animal cell
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MCDB 1A - T h e B r e a d th o f B i o l o g y - A to m s...

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