MT2_ISE514F05 - ISE 514 GEZA BOTTLIK Fall 2005 MIDTERM NO 2...

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ISE 514 Fall 2005 GEZA BOTTLIK MIDTERM NO. 2 11/03/05 DO YOUR WORK ON THIS HANDOUT. THIS WILL EXPEDITE THE GRADING OF THE PAPERS. NAME ________________________ MIDTERM SCORE _________________________ Please read the problems carefully and provide the information requested and only the information requested in each question. Use the minimum amount of work required to answer each question. Show all your work . The test is worth 100 points. (20% of your total grade). Do all your work on this test paper, using the back of the pages if necessary. Hand in your test papers no later than 9:10 P.M. or one hour and 40 minutes after we start, whichever is later. Approach the solutions of the problems with this time limit in mind It is unfair to your fellow students who hand in their papers on time to use more time than they had. The midterm is open notes and open book. Use your calculator or laptop if needed and indicate so on your paper. If you want to ask a question, come up to me and ask me. Before doing so, consider whether making a simple assumption is better. Please don’t talk to your neighbors. If you need to borrow a calculator or pencil, ask me. Remember, each of these problems is relatively
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This note was uploaded on 10/08/2010 for the course ISE 514 taught by Professor Bottlik during the Fall '08 term at USC.

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MT2_ISE514F05 - ISE 514 GEZA BOTTLIK Fall 2005 MIDTERM NO 2...

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