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MT2_514sp04sol - ISE514 GEZA BOTTLIK Spring 2004 MIDTERM NO...

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ISE514 Spring 2004 GEZA BOTTLIK MIDTERM NO. 2 03/25/04 DO YOUR WORK ON THIS HANDOUT. THIS WILL EXPEDITE THE GRADING OF THE PAPERS. NAME ________________________ MIDTERM SCORE _________________________ Please read the problems carefully and provide the information requested and only the information requested in each question. Use the minimum amount of work required to answer each question. Show all your work . The test is worth 100 points. (17% of your total grade) Hand in your test papers no later than 1:50 P.M. or one hour and 20 minutes after we start, whichever is later. It is unfair to your fellow students who hand in their papers on time to use more time than they had. The midterm is open notes and open book. Use your calculator if needed and indicate so on your paper. If you want to ask a question, come up to me and ask me. Please don’t talk to your neighbors. If you need to borrow a calculator or pencil, ask me. Remember, each of these problems is relatively short . Do not consider involved, long solutions. Move on to the next problem if you are stuck. I have included a table of random numbers for you, should you need it, in case your calculator does not have a random button. Good luck, I hope you all do well. Page 1
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ISE514 Spring 2004 GEZA BOTTLIK MIDTERM NO. 2 03/25/04 Problem No. 1 Creating neighborhoods for permutation schedules is quite straightforward. As I mentioned in class, creating them for general job shops requires additional definition. One method consists of making
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