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Biology Notes April 16

Biology Notes April 16 - Biology Notes Males the less...

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Biology Notes April 16, 2009 Males, the less discriminating sex. Why? Sperm is cheap Penalty is insignificant Male fitness increases with each mating a male receives, whereas female fitness is independent of the number of matings. This explains why: Males compete and females choose Quantity for males quality for females The fundamental reason why bonobo chimp males do not show infanticide displayed by male lions Polyandry Why are men and women so similar in morphology? Less sexual selection Lek Polygyny Assembly area without resources Males display, females choose Default strategy because: o Resources widely distributed (not defensible) o Females widely distributed o Ergo: females cant be monopolized Bowerbirds and Lek Polygyny o Male builds a bower to attract females o Very few highly fit males o Male contributes nothing but sperm! Nothing in biology makes sense without evolution o Evolutionary theory provides extraordinary theory provides extraordinary power
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