Cats_and_dogs[1]333 - age Cats are normally up during the...

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Cats and Dogs In the world of animals, cats and dogs are so different. Both animals are very lovable creatures. Deciding Between the two can be very hard. Most of the homes either have a cat or a dog. Companionship is what most people want from their cat or dog. Both require the same of attention a great difference in the appearance, and can be train. Cats will need to feed a least 3 times a day and have to be given water. Dogs can be given food twice a day. Cats are kept in the house and most dogs are kept out doors. Dogs can eat several different things like sometimes grass. All dogs love to eat meat. They both require meat in their diet. Carnivores: flesh eating animals. They both have fur and can shed their hair. Cats can have a litter of kittens in the offspring more than once. Dog and cats feed their young. Both animals require milk, but dogs can consume meat at a young
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Unformatted text preview: age. Cats are normally up during the day, and dogs are asleep during this period. Hunting is something that is done by the cats .Dogs tends to need to be ordered or given a command. Dogs like to be petted for long periods of time. Cats just want to be left alone. We consider both animals to be friendly pets, but dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. Dogs can sense human’s feeling better than cats can. Also, they show more affection than the cat does toward the humans. Cats can’t be used in labor task the way a dog can be used. For example, we use dogs for moving cattle, moving sheep, and as Seeing Eye dogs for humans. Cats don’t have that instinct to do these kinds of task, nor the physical abilities to do that kind of task. Elide (cats Canada (e.g., dogs In reality, they can be trained, setting them apart the two animals...
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Cats_and_dogs[1]333 - age Cats are normally up during the...

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